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How to cut cost of Trade Show Exhibit Booths design and construction
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Most economical and environmentally friendly- Best Solution for Trade Show Exhibit Booths design and construction in domestic and foreign exhibitions!

How to calculate the cost of domestic and foreign exhibitions? What are the contents of budget items for the exhibitors?

Costing comparison on the booth assembly

Costing for traditional booths design and construction-Multiplication (if it is 6x6m customized booth, exhibit 10 times per year) , use cost for the booth = RMB 60,000 / times x10 times = RMB 600,000 / year, the annual use cost of booth will be RMB600,000  / year.

Costing for DIY-E33 Framework Systems C division( if it  is also 6x6m customized booth ,exhibit 10 times per year),use cost for the booth = $ 60,000 / set 10 times = RMB6000 / time, the annual use cost of booth will be RMB 60,000 / year,The warranty of DIY-E33 Framework  Systems will be  10 years, ie  The cost of booth design and construction in 10 years will be RMB 60,000, the use cost in each time = RMB60,000  / set  100 times=RMB600.00 / time

The following information is for reference only! Because the exhibition cost will depends on the size of booth,type of  the exhibition, the exhibition venue and many other factors

Related exhibition cost expense include:

1.    The basic fee- booth rental,energy supply,exhibition certificates,parking permits ,etc

2.     Cost of booth design and construction - creative proposals, planning, lettering, exhibition stands, photographs, slides, logos, decoration and adornment, display and other audiovisual support and so on; [DIY-E33 Framework Systems, booth design and construction DIY, according to the booth size, you firstly design the  main frame ,then combining with the correlative graphic, when you need to exhibit, you can assembly and disassembly  by yourself

3.    Cost of exhibition equipment- furniture, carpets, lighting, kitchen equipment, cameras, projectors, etc.

4.    Cost of service fee- entertaining visitors, devices, entertainment, translation, support staff, etc.;

5.    Cost of communication material  - invitations, gift items, advertising materials, catalogs, advertising, postage, news clips, translation, audience tickets, telephone, fax, Internet;

6.    Ccost of transport, logistics and waste disposal- storage, insurance, transit taxes, waste disposal, etc.;

7.     Cost of exhibition staff travel, accommodation and hospitality

8.     Cost of the others  (consultation, exhibition market surveys, follow-up, training, etc.).

DIY-E33 Framework SystemStandard Booths with Customized Effection, Customized Booths with Standard Effection a set of exhibition booth can satisfy all   needs" one times purchasing,N times reusable,greatly reducing the domestic exhibition cost


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