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How to design the small booth to be eye-catching?
Author:佚名     Source:本站原创     Updated:2013-6-19    Views:10129

How to design the small booth to be eye-catching? The best solution for booth design and construction in 9 square meter’s standard booth.

“Every time,the exhibition effect  is not always what we want, because of the remote of booth location , we missed a lot of professional visitors, also missed a lot of business opportunities." This is probably the common phenomenon,

For those small companies who wouldnot want to bear the high cost of a large booth, the affordable small booth (standard booth) is their best choice for them. Then, how the exhibitor can be compelling during the exhibition even if they are exhibiting in a small booth (standard booth)  ? How design and construct the booth in order to attract more customers to come?

The purpose of exhibiting is the same for all exhibitors, exhibition is the goodopportunity to enhance corporate reputation, promote new products or services, exhibitions has become part of the business strategy, how to effectively take advantage of the exhibition, how to make the exhibitions become a modern sales and marketing tools, and also how to achieve long-term business objectives, it is a central concern for many companies.
Some exhibitors think that  choosing the right venue is an important part of the exhibition program, the booth location is a important factor for the exhibitors, , but for the overwhelming majority of small and medium companies, because of their own scale, financial capacity and other limitations, they often only buy a small booth (standard booth), so that, with a small booth, exhibitors would like to obtain better exhibition results,they need to make booths be striking,

many people will think, small booth is not an easy thing to be noticeable, it is not true, as long as reasonable design,new layout, reuse ,modeling Variety, portable, and also can be DIY booth construction and have the customized display effect  , a small booth (standard booth) is also able to attract the audience's attention, certainly,it also can stand out  between many standard booths to ensure to attract many customers to come!

What detail should be paid attention from the exhibitors who are exhibiting in the small booth (standard booth) in order to improve the exhibition effectiveness? Specifically, one of the notes, summarizing the experience of  frequent exhibitors, firstly,  booth design and construction should be designed to reflect and enhance the corporate image, reflecting the spirit of enterprise, the exhibition is no longer a market stall  for exhibitors to sell the products, it also no longer  individually display  the products , meanwhile,it should display the corporate integrated image, the corporate’s capabilities and grade along with the product display

In addition, besides the introduction and marketing of the product itself, the other ways should be included of a wide dissemination of information, communication, advertising, public relations and consulting and so on; making the audience understand the products, so that the impression of the corporate can be deepened

Therefore, we summarize the following three points basing on the center of booth design and construction:

Firstly,booth design should be highlighted the theme, emphasizing individuality, while in space and atmosphere, can give audience a kind of affinity but also to facilitate the conversation. Using the full range of possible factors, such as the formation of the booth, materials, sound, light, color, and other decorating supplies, continuing to give the audience freshness, stimulating their curiosity and make them generate interest and,thus  having the desire to talk with  exhibitors.

Secondly, booth design should take into account to support the other organized activities during the exhibition plan. Now, more and more enterprises to conduct public relations activities through the exhibition, in addition to the exhibition itself, they also hold various conference, arena and other activities during the exhibition. During the exhibition, the audience is large and concentrated, these activities are held in conjunction with the exhibition, the impact is big but saving. This also makes the new requirement  ​​for booth construction.

Ultimately, the attitude of the companies also depends on the exhibition cost. Therefore,  besides guaranteeing the good results, economic exhibition cost is also considered , as much as possible to use new, reusable materials to construct the booth,carefully studying design and layout programs in order to reduce unnecessary expenses.

Thirdly, according to statistics, in 2012,it is more than 4600 exhibition, each industry has a dozen or dozens of exhibitions. Therefore, according to a different theme museum, then designing your own theme booths, large enterprises typically use the traditional exhibition method, depending on the large-scale venues, small companies should highlight their own little booth through the innovative design, and  also properly choose display product basing on  on booth size in order to avoid overcrowding or sloppy, meanwhile, good at using new material  in order to avoid the use of seemingly cheap rental furniture to give "small but excellent" feel,  the booth design and decoration should be taste.

Here, some exhibitors will think, if you use graphic display to instead of display products ,whether the effect is better ? Graphic display can create a strong visual effect, too crowded or too small pictures are not easy to read. Even if the use of pictures, the use of text should be restricted , the location of the pictures should be above of sight. In addition to the above factors, booth decoration can also use bold  and eye-catching colors, so you can stand out from a greater distance, avoiding easy to blend into the background of neutral color.

Exhibitors must pay attention to the details of the impression

As the exhibitors, doing more with less is the best, as long as using the material of reusable, modeling variety, portable, can also be the DIY booth construction, said easy, do also easy. It just needs the exhibitors to creatively design their own booth basing on their imagination and also according to their own characteristics. Meanwhile, also needs the exhibition staff’s activity, the  persuasive  and conversation from the exhibition staff will determines the  instant goodwill from the audience ,meanwhile, building up the contact basic  after the exhibition.

At this point,saying: easier said than done. In reality,in  many of the exhibitions,the exhibition staff normally chat or read ,not pay more attention on the exhibition . Therefore, many companies often complain that exhibition results isnot good because of the bad exhibition, this is not entirely correct, the professional quality and image from the exhibition staff  is also one of the biggest factors. Therefore, the warm reception, answer any questions from the vistors will be the best way to exhibit  , rather than only putting brochures, flyers, freebies and samples on the table to let visitors obtain , if doing that ,not only  the exhibitors can not be achieved interaction with the audience, but also difficult to achieve the purpose of exhibition.

In this case, what detail the exhibition staff should pay attention to and also make the improvement? The professionals said the following a few points

Firstly, during the exhibition, in addition to negotiate business with our customers, the staff should adhere to stand, not chat or read. During the exhibition,if the staff sit , the buyers and professional visitors will have the impression that the staff donot want to be bothered,then will affect their choice on the company products and related service. In addition, the staff should not read newspapers or magazine, should fully grasp the opportunity to arouse each other ‘s attention  on the companies and products ,to attract buyers and professional visitors to stop and also consult, full of energy to answer the question, enhance their confidence. If you read newspaper or magazine, you will miss many opportunities.

Secondly,attending and finding every  potential customer is an important goal for the exhibitors. Obviously, no one likes to have feeling of neglectation, it should strive to avoid neglect on potential customers, even for a few seconds. If your job is busy with customers,you may wish to say hello or  let him join your conversation.

Thirdly,during the exhibition,you should pay attention on time if you need to make personal phone calls ,inappropriate calls, every minute will corresponding  reduce the communication between you and potential customers, then will directly affect the business objectives. At the exhibition, even if only to find a good potential customer, it is also a great success, inappropriate calls might make you and your customers often be missed.

Finally, need to note the appropriate method to send advertising information ,promotional materials is costly, companies arenot willing to let the advertising information be drained away in the crowd. At the exhibition, you can tell potential customers,you have no intention to let him take too much advertising information to increase the burden of his trip. What he asked you will mail to him after the exhibition,basing on this,the exhibitors can serve multiple purposes: It shows the professionalism of the exhibitors; while follow-up can be continued through  the letter and leave a deeper impression ,is  also a good reason to track through  phone or EMAIL.

Exhibition has become the most effective marketing tools for  modern companies, it allows companies face to face to communicate with hundreds of existing customers or potential customers in their own space, benefits will be higher  than business people rushing about, we can say each who enter the booth will be the potential customers , however, many of the exhibitors had failed to effectively take advantage of exhibitions, in fact, the successful secret of exhibition marketing  is exhibitors’ booth.Every time, regardless of the booth size,all are customized booths, the effect must be different accordingly, then also combining of  small details on above, as written in the book:  the details determine success or failure.


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