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How to properly budget the exhibition fee?
Author:佚名     Source:本站原创     Updated:2013-6-19    Views:9751

Domestic and foreign exhibition fee normally includes floor fees, booth construction, transportation and personnel cost, besides these main costs,registration fees,journal registration fees and the other relatively small fees and so on. The price from European exhibition venues’ announcement generally refers to the floor which is without any basic construction and without any basic decoration.  The certified exhibitions from AUMA will charge Euro0.60 /sq.m as the management fees, the exhibition normally not only charge net floor rent fees,but also in advance charge Euro15-20/sq.m as the service deposit. As to Germany exhibitions,all quotes are subject to additional 16% VAT, for example, if one exhibitor would like to have one 20 square meters’ venues whose unit price is Euro150.00,then after confirming the registeration,he will receive the bill which will be paid (150 +0.6 +20) × 1.16 × 20 = Euro3957.92 to instead of Euro3000.00. In addition, the Expo registration fees, journal listing fee will be different basing on the different standard from different exhibitions, but all are required to be included in the cost estimates.

In the past, booth construction is a high budget, if you would like to save the costs, you can only use the simple decoration, if you would like to have decent booth’s style,naturally,you need to spend a lot of money,if you would like to cut costs and eye-catching, participating in unified construction will be a good choice.Even in China Hall,a lot of large domestic exhibitors also pay great importance to display their companies’image aboard, they will spend huge sums of money to send the exhibition stands  and the building labour there,because comparing with finding  one proper foreign exhibition sevice company to design and also build up the booth stand, the expenses, the consumption of the labour and the material willnot be small,language barriers will be solved through the trust exhibition service company. DIY E-33 Framework Systems are providing the best foreign exhibition construction solutions - portable, reusable, modeling Variety, construction design DIY.Your whole exhibition stands and your exhibition products can be together packed into the shipping cases for overseas transportation.It should be noted that, basing on the difference on the exhibits category or exhibiting country and geography , the duties for exhibition stands will have their own regulations, the exhibition service companies will quote in advance basing on the local customs department’s requirement, also guide the exhibitors how to calculate tariffs expenses. Personnel costs is the round-trip transportation plus outside catering, transportation and accommodation and other  expenses abroad, meanwhile, the exhibition service companies will also itemize  all charge information in detail for the exhibitors’ reference. In short, no other than completely understanding the structure of all exhibition fee ,regardless of cost or want to reduce costs? The exhibitors will make their own choices between their own participation and needing the service from the exhibition service companies.

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