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Green Exhibition Stands Design Construction solution!
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Standard Booths with Customized Effection, Customized Booths with Standard Effection- "Beautiful China, Green Exhibition"

With China’s rapid economic development, the exhibition industry will also fast growing,many companies have become the exhibitors to build their band image and also expand the domestic and foreign markets,some companies even want to exhibit nearly 20 exhibitions in each year at home and abroad . And how to reduce  exhibition costs,  it is the expectation from each exhibitor, Jiangmen Juten Exhibition & Display Equipment Factory provide you with the most economical  and environmentally friendly, the easiest  solutions for booths design and construction , "a set of exhibition booth can satisfy all   needs" " Standard Booths with Customized Effection, Customized Booths with Standard Effection”

Standard Booths with Customized Effection is to design the standard booth to well catch the audience and also let them recognize and remember you standing in the middle of a large companies basing on the characteristics of their products, also combined with their own corporate culture and business philosophy, style can be beautiful, or atmospheric, or novel, so that the standard booth can be variant in order to meet the needs of individual exhibitors. Standard Booths with Customized Effection  is inevitable development trend of , because there is little appeal for the exhibitors from the traditional standard booths, they look too regular, too rigid, there is no impact, all booths are exactly the same as milli-featureless, it does not work well for launching the exhibitors’ image and brand.


Customized Booths with Standard Effection is to use reusable DIY material to build the customized booth, the main material is standardized (straight, arc) aluminum pole, the combination of a variety of length, curved aluminum pole can be assembled  into a variety of different shape’s customized booth, you can re-use 100% N times,  once you have decided the design option in the the first time, all future’s booths can be used , then greatly reducing the exhibition cost ,also be very convenient  in the transportation, construction and so on, also can achieve the maximum benefit for exhibitors  and the re-use of resources is also maximized, the traditional customized booth cause a large amount of waste on our environment after dismantling ,therefore, "Beautiful China" is everyone's responsibility, exhibitors can use zero waste,variety and reusable booth.


According to the philosophy of “Standard Booths with Customized Effection, Customized Booths with Standard Effection”,we provide nearly 1000 models for a variety of booth design for your reference, if you have had a 10x10m customized booth , then you can DIY design and construct any booth whose size is below 10x10m from the existing materials ,of course, it will be your own design.


Currently, basing on the development trend from domestic and foreign exhibition industry, the excellence of aluminum exhibition modular exhibition of DIY, portable, reusable, versatile, modeling Variety, environmentally friendly, simple and quick to build, etc. are increasingly recognized by exhibitors. National policy has always advocated "environmentally friendly, creating saving society" "Beautiful China", this policy is also the foundation for the development of the aluminum modular, therefore, the society has become increasingly demanding on the green exhibition material, Juten, as one of Chinese exhibition industry, we are determined to make the efforts for China's exhibition industry to achieve environmental protection.




1. Standard Booths with Customized Effection ---  is to use DIY-E33 Framework Systems to layout  the booth by yourself combining  your product or service feature along with your required customized display effect in the standard booth .Making your booth be compelling customized display effect , also can be stand-out between the many standard booths. Maximizing the display effect  in every time’s exhibition for the exhibitors


2.Customized Booths with Standard Effection --- is to use DIY-E33 Framework Systems’ standardized components to assemble the customized booth according to the design, or according to your product or service features,then combine with your required display effect, you can design your customized booth by yourself through DIY-E33 Framework Systems, each exhibitor will become simple and easy

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