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Tips:           D.I.Y! Make your own Dream!

1.we provide a lot of booth designs as your reference,as long as the material is enough,you can DIY any one of the designs from them, if you already have a booth of 6x9m, you can DIY design for a booth of 3x3m ,or 3x6m, or 3x9m ,or 6x6m, etc. which is below 6x9m.

2.we can also customize your variety booth according to your own design, one set of exhibition booth can meet all needs.

3.Welcome to my factory to DIY your variety booth with us according to your own idea.

      The maximum packing length of each booth  :1-1.5 m

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PES-S1000 3x3m
PES-S1001 3x3m
PES-S1011 3x3m
PES-S1003 3x3m
PES-S1004 3x3m
PES-S1003 3x3m
PES-S1006 4x4m
PES-S1007 4x4m
PES-S1008 3x3m
PES-S1009 3x3m
PES-S1010 3x3m
PES-S1012 4x4m
PES-S1013 3x3m
PES-S1014 3x3m
PES-S1015 3x3m
PES-S1016 3x3m
PES-S1017 3x3m
PES-S1018 3x4.5m
PES-S1019 2x2m
PES-S1020 3x3m
PES-S1021 3x3m
PES-S1022 3x3m
PES-S1023 3x3m
PES-S1024 3x3m
PES-S1025 3x3m
PES-S1026 3x3m
PES-S1027 3x4m
PES-S1029 3x4.5m
PES-S1030 3x2m
PES-S1031 2x3m
PES-S1032 3x3m
PES-S1033 3x3m
PES-S1034 3x3m
PES-S1035 3x3m
PES-S1036 4x4m
PES-S1037 3x3m
PES-S1038 2x2m
PES-S1039 3x3m
PES-S1040 3x4m
PES-S1041 3x4m
PES-S1042 3x3m
PES-S1043 3x3m
PES-S1044 3x3m
PES-S1045 4x4m
PES-S1046 3x2m
PES-S1047 3x3m
PES-S1048 3x3m
PES-S1049 3x3m
PES-S1050 3x3m
PES-S1051 3x3m
PES-S1052 3x3m
PES-S1053 3x3m
PES-S1054 3x3m
PES-S1055 3x3m

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